In school, I always hated when the teacher would ask everyone to stand up and say something about themselves that makes them “different.” It’s always this put on type of ordeal and of course everyone feels obligated to say the best thing they can possibly think of, even if it’s untrue (yeah…. I definitely did a few times haha). So instead, I’m going to try to tell you a little bit about myself in the most painless, informal way possible. Yay!

I am 22 years old and in college.

As a kid I always dreamed of becoming an actress as I loved creating little home “movies” and “starring” in them. As I became older, I realized it was the creative process in its entirety that I truly loved. Just ask my brother…. I was a VERY controlling 8 year old with a camcorder that was from the year 1988.

Photography has always been a passion of mine as well as writing.

Bagels are my favorite food ever. Yes, bagels. Seriously.

My typical Friday night (let’s be real… Saturday AND Sunday, too) consists of eating 5 servings of popcorn and binge watching Friends without a single care.

I love fashion and I tend to go for either an all over black look or chartreuse yellow.

I have two pups name Pinot (how fitting as I’m an avid wine drinker) and Joey.

I’ve lived in Virginia my whole life and I am so thankful for the life that it has given me thus far.

I’m hoping to share with you all a combination of my every day life which includes places I go, food that I eat, and things that I wear!

Now, one moment please….