While food is clearly one of my passions in life, cooking it during the week is not. Between work and school, the LAST thing I feel like doing is coming home and having to think of what to make for lunch or dinner. On Sunday’s I take a few hours to just put together some staple items that I know I can be very versatile with (such as beans and potatoes) and that way I can simply grab them and throw something quick and easy together when in a rush!

I obviously eat more than just what’s pictured but for when I am in a hurry, these items are what I go for. I love beans because you can literally put them on anything! Salads, baked potatoes, wraps, sandwiches, and they are full of protein. I also love having cooked rice on hand because it’s so easy to just throw some veggies on top! One of my favorite things to do with these types of foods is to create a “Buddha bowl” which is basically a combination of different plant foods. I love to add rice, chickpeas, broccoli or leafy greens and a sweet potato! So hearty and delicious and it leaves me feeling completely satisfied.What are some of your staple vegan items that you always have on hand for the week ahead?! I want to know!


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