It finally snowed here a few days ago and BOY was I beyond excited for it. I absolutely love the snow and I always have. It brings back so many special memories from when I was a small child, whether it be sledding with all the kids in the neighborhood or drinking hot chocolate while watching each and every snowflake fall from the sky. Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy the whole “snowed in” feeling that seems to drive most people up a wall. It doesn’t worry me or irritate me in the slightest.

It’s nice to sometimes be “forced” to stay at home because for some of us, it’s that “force” that allows us to spend more time with our family and just RELAX. I certainly enjoyed every moment of it especially because in this state it can go from 10 degrees one day to 70 degrees the next. Seriously, that happens frequently here, so you never know if the snow that you have is going to be the only snow that you get for the entire year. Will the dog pictures ever stop…. Never.I hope that those of you that received snow over the weekend had a wonderful and SAFE time! And for those of you that hated every second of it, I sincerely apologize 😉

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