This sandwich is so crazy simple and I actually find myself craving it! It’s so filling and hearty and the flavors are my favorite. I’ve always been a huge barbecue + ranch fan so when this idea hit me I knew it was going to be great. Before I get into it, I have to mention how fantastic this VEGAN (yes, life is beautiful) ranch is. A few months ago a friend of mine told me about this brand of dressing called Hampton Creek that is completely vegan at Target. I immediately went and found it and I’ve been hooked ever since. Their products are DELICIOUS and are a total win with my family and I. But, anyways, lets get started.


  • 1 can of garbanzo beans or chickpeas (I use about half of a can and then save the other half for another day, so using the entire can could feed two people)
  • Pita bread
  • Vegan ranch (I use Hampton Creek because it’s the best)
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Greens to top with (I use a spinach or kale mix, typically)ingredient.jpg

You’ll want to thoroughly rinse the beans under cool water and then let them dry. Place them into a small pot on the stove and mix in the nutritional yeast and barbecue sauce (to taste) over medium to slightly below medium heat. Cook for 7-10 minutes or until they are the consistency that you like. rinse.jpg


Then just simply scoop them into the pita bread (cut in half) and top with lettuce and ranch! Super yummy and super easy. Hope you enjoyed!done.jpg


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